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What is inside?

We are Italian marketing team and would like to position ourself as the lighthouse for SEO and Internet promotion for all interested visitors. More about our possibilities you can read at MarketingTech and Services pages. Probably you should be interested to read our articles which could be useful and helpful for everybody involved in SEO activities.
Why to read? Just take 5 minutes to run our Articles. The main idea to make our library came from the real fact that today Internet full of junk to find out real helpful information about SEO and Internet promotion. Outdated links, SEO catches just to increase traffic, advertisement banners everywhere, useless SEO tools, spam, spam, spam. This is the reality so to find our something you need to browse tons of sources with the final goal of nothing.
From other side you have expensive SEO offers, strange offers and link markets so to is it too high to clean in out. That is why for sure we are paying attention for our services but from other hands we will try to provide to everybody more clean information about SEO and promotion for all. Thank you for your attention, read us and we hope that you will bookmark our source!

SEO is the today reality

Search engine optimisation or SEO is the reality today and the key for the company to have the succesful business. Yes, you can agree or not but first place in Google for your goods can be much valueable and give better results for customer interest than the biggest place at the professional exihibion, large demo hall or hundreds advertisements in magazines and newspapers. Who cares offline today if you can reach everything with 2 clicks? Yes, it is really strange to understand that the online businesses and services today can cost more than oil and gas companies.
Yes, everybody are looking ways to go on the top. Top is - your customers, income for online advertisements, great traffic to make your website more popular and other opportunities. How to be there? Everybody are looking for ways. Nobody knows it perfectly so we offer our source as the small guide to get better information about possibilities, actions and tools to use and explore.
Moreover we use our source as the guide for us!

The way of thinking

Not only backlinks possibitilies, dozens of phrases to put in your keyword and good structure code is only ways to have the good SEO. You need to think what to do next, what are people really looking in, what are best keyword phrases, how your competitors make their promotion, what could be the best product placement and how to describe your products with the best way. SEO today is the idea how to make your website really interesting for your customers and visitors and not one more from hundreds of other shops. It is a chance to be creative and finally to get your part of the respect with the great positions in the search engines.
Moreover everything today is connected with social networks, even first messages from country presidents and other officials! This means that website today is not enough and you need to be greatly presented at the sources where your potential customers in. Forums, social networks, messaging, blogs - new ways to find your audience. Do not believe to everybody who says that traditional ways and offline promotion is enough. Be prepared with another generation where Twitter account can cost more than respected newspaper.


We really do not know how to deal with the sales of mobile phones, ecology food or wallpapers website. But we understand and have experience in technological equipment, automation, industrial goods and services. This is much better environment for us where we can ready to help and to assist.